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Modeling an Enhanced Deterministic Complex Packet Filter: Integrated Defense Mechanisms with SDMS

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Security of network can be made useless by breaking the secrecy, authentication, also when message integrity is not available. IP spoofing is the powerful technique used by attackers to disrupt the availability of services in the internet network by impersonating as a trusted source. Since the spoofed traffic shares the same resources as that of the legitimate one’s detection and filtering becomes very essential. Packet filtering is one defense against IP spoofing attacks. The gateway to a network usually performs ingress filtering, which is blocking of packets from outside the network with a source address inside the network. This prevents an outside attacker spoofing the address of an internal machine. The control model consists of spoofing defense monitoring system (SDMS), spoofed traffic detection module provides DDoS impact measurements in real time by monitoring the degradation in host and network performance metrics. The spoofed traffic detection module incorporates throttle algorithm to check the authenticity of incoming packet by means of source IP address and its corresponding hops to destined victim. Original scheme and other marking techniques help to find unnoticeable increased traffic size. Here analyze most of the attack types that cause serious problems in computer networks and defense techniques to stop or prevent these attacks.
Keywords:Security,Network, Authentication,SDMS


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