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RBCAST: An Efficient Data Dissemination Technique to Reduce Broadcast Storm Problem In Vehicular AD-HOC Network

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Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is an outgrowth of Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). Vehicles in VANET are considered as nodes with wireless links. It enables communication among vehicles and Road Side Units (RSUs). In VANETs, many vehicles tries to send warning messages. So every vehicle within the transmission range will receive the broadcast message and rebroadcasts these messages to other vehicles. This makes the vehicles receive the traffic warning message repeatedly. Hence, redundancy, contention, and packet collisions occur due to simultaneous forwarding (usually known as the Broadcast storm problem). In this paper, RBCAST is proposed to address the broadcast storm problem in VANET. It reduces the number of retransmissions and more number of vehicles is alerted about emergency situation. In order to deliver the packets successfully and to reduce the broadcast storm problem, nodes must relay the packets with the help of the intermediate nodes.
Keywords:Broadcast storm, Redundancy, Relay, Road Side Unit, Vehicular Ad-hoc Network.


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