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A Comparative Study on Pattern Based Image Steganography

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The speedy growth of the Internet and digitized contented made text/image delivery simpler. The capability to protect and secure information is dynamic to the growth of electronic trade and to the growth of the Internet itself. A safe data transmission over computer networks can be realized concluded steganography and cryptography. Steganography is a technique used to transmit a secret message from a source to a receiver in a way such that a probable intruder does not suspicious the being on the message. In steganography different-different carrier files can be used, but the most popular is digital images because they are used a proportion now a day on the internet. Steganography helps in the communication of secured data in numerous carries like images, videos and audio. In image steganography the information is hidden entirely in images. A comparative study on pattern based image steganography, one of the drawbacks of most of the current steganography methods is that it changes the bits used for storing color information. A comparative with different three methods of steganography, pixel pattern, 3D pattern, Dynamic pattern. In this Paper, means to give an overview of image steganography, its uses and techniques. It also endeavors to classify the requirements of a good steganography algorithm using pattern based and briefly reflects on which steganography techniques are more suitable for this pattern based steganography.
Keywords:Cover Image,DPIS,Data Protection,Steganography, Pixel, 3D steganography, LSB.


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