Security Using Software Defined Network Paradigm

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Software-defined networking (SDN) is a great approach on computer networking which allows network administrators to manage the network service through the abstraction of a higher level of functionalities.This is to be done by de-coupling the systems which is making the decision about where the traffic is to be sent (to the control plane) from which the underlying systems that forwards traffic to the selected destinations (the data plane).SDN that requires some methods for the control plane to be communicated with the data planes. The important mechanism is the, open flow, is often misunderstood to be equivalent to the SDN system, but the other mechanisms could also be fit into the concepts. SDN architecture can be enabled, facilitated or enhanced by network-related security applications due to the controller centralized view of the networks, and the capacity to re-program the data plane at any state and any time. While the security in which the SDN architectures itself will remains an very opened questions that has been already studied a couple of times or in a couple of state in the research community, the following paragraphs will only be focusing on the security applications made possible or re-visited using SDN.

Keywords:data plane, distributed denial of service


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