Typical Heterogeneous Network Deployment in Green Cellular Networks

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Energy efficiency in cellular networks is growing and emerging concern for cellular operators and it is called green cellular networks. It not only maintain profitability, but also to reduce the overall environment effects to give a green environment. This raising trend of achieving energy efficiency in cellular networks depends upon the heterogeneous network deployment motivating the standardization authorities. Network operators to continuously explore future technologies in order to bring improvements to the whole network infrastructure to give good and green infrastructure to the word. The survey of this article, we present a brief survey of methods to improve the power efficiency of cellular networks, exploit some new research issues and challenges and suggestion of some techniques to enable an energy efficient or “green” cellular network. All the base stations absorbs maximum portion of the total energy used in a cellular system, we will first provide a comparative survey on techniques to obtain energy savings in base stations.

Keywords:green cellular networks, pico cells, macro cells, femto cells.


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