A Comparative Survey on Different Text Categorization Techniques

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To classify billions of documents manually is an expensive task and it is very time lagging. In internet huge amount of data are in the uncategorized form. Text Categorization is a task of automatically sorting a set of documents in to different classes from predefined set. It is mostly depends up on information retrieval and Machine Learning techniques. Text Classification (also called Text Categorization) performed on the basis of endogenous collection of data. Classifier algorithms should be used to classify various meaning of sentences. The major difficulty of this categorization approach is high dimensionality of feature space. Documents are classified on the basis of Supervised, Unsupervised or Semi- Supervised Learning. A key element is linking together of extracted data’s together to form new hypothesis or facts to be analyze. This paper surveys of various methods such as Decision Tree, K –Nearest Neighbor, Bayesian Approaches, Support Vector Machine and Neural Network. This paper surveys of Text Categorization classifiers and Comparison. It also aims to various available classifiers on the basis of some criteria like complexity and performance.

Keywords: Decision Tree, K –Nearest Neighbor, Bayesian Approaches, Support Vector Machine, Neural Network, Text Categorization, Supervised Learning and Semi-Supervised Learning. Information retrieval and Machine Learning Techniques.


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