A Survey on Reputation Systems and Social Network Based Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems

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Today Peer-to-Peer (P2P) applications are widely available and it has millions of users. Due to the open nature of the P2P environment, P2P file sharing systems are prone to have selfish and misbehaving nodes, it causes many attacks like free riding, he-said-she-said attack etc. The reputation systems can reduce these attacks due to its incentive behavior. This survey studied some traditional reputation management systems in P2P and also analyzes some social network based P2P systems. From the survey we concluded that every reputation systems have high reputation cost in the case of large-scale P2P. It causes some problems like service delay, reducing download rate etc. To overcome these drawbacks, there are some researchers proposes a SocialTrust, it is a social network based reputation management system. SocialTrust consider a social network to P2P file sharing. SocialTrust consist of a friendship network and partnership network, so a peer can select a reliable server from these networks directly, then it reduces reputation querying cost. Hence SocialTrust can provide efficient reputation management system for P2P file sharing.

Keywords: Peer-to-Peer networks, Social network, File sharing.


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