A Study on Various Dynamic Bin Packing Algorithms for Clouds

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This paper is based on the analysis of different bin-packing algorithms used for resource allocation in Clouds. Dynamic Bin-Packing (DBP) is an alternative form of classical bin- packing in which, items may arrive and depart at random time intervals. Dynamic Bin-Packing has been used to model the resource consolidation problems in Cloud computing. There are so many algorithms, being used to find an optimal solution for DBP problems in Cloud environment such as, Harmonic algorithm, Approximation algorithms, K-binary Algorithms etc.. An optimal solution to a Bin-Packing problem uses the fewest number of bins possible. The worst case and average case behavior of various bin-packing algorithms has been analyzed and the results are compared.

Keywords: Bin-Packing, Dynamic Bin-Packing, Algorithms


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