Development of Human Iris Recognition System Through Iris Perception Algorithm

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Security and checking of individuals are essential for a wide range of areas of our lives. Biometric identification provides a valid alternative to old and astute checking mechanisms. The aim of this work is to implement a system using iris perception algorithm to surge iris recognition system. An iris recognition framework uses a pattern matching technique to compare two iris images and to create a match score that reflects their uniqueness. Authentication and security is required when there is a need to know whether the person is claimed to be authorized or not. In this study, iris biometric recognition system has been implemented in MATLAB environment that uses the iris perception algorithm for segmentation and matching. More than 20 features have been extracted through iris perception algorithm. Encoding of both feature and noise encoding outputs has been achieved. Time taken to identify iris was within ~3.89 seconds which is (12 seconds) less than the existing edge detection algorithm. Experimental simulation results were analyzed on the basis of (False Acceptance Rate) FAR, (False Rejection Rate) FRR and found better outcome. Implementation of iris perception algorithm in iris recognition system provides accuracy up to 99.12% on the basis of FAR and FRR which is 1.21% greater than the existing edge detection algorithm.

Keywords: Iris Perception, Segmentation, Normalization, CRR, FRR, FAR.


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