Android Wheelchair for Disabled Person

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The people with disabilities are facing problem for moving one place to another. An android based wheelchair can provide a feasible solution to their problem. The android technology provides a new approach of human interaction with machines or tools. This design helps the people with disability to live their life with less dependence on others. This project is designed to control a wheelchair by using an android application with facilities of button movement, voice system and accelerometer movement. It also includes the features such as obstacle detection, displays basic needs of patient with an alert, heart rate monitoring, temperature monitoring and an automatic message on emergency condition. In addition, line following algorithm based movement is also included. A Wi–Fi camera is embedded in the wheelchair for totally disabled person, so that the others can control the wheelchair. The control unit consists of PIC16F877A microcontroller with Bluetooth module HC05, Heart beat sensor, temperature sensor LM35, Infrared sensor and L293D motor driving IC for controlling motor.

Keywords: Accelerometer, Android, Button, HC05 Bluetooth module, Heart beat sensor, Infrared sensor, PIC microcontroller, Temperature sensor (LM35), Voice control, Wi-Fi camera.


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