A Survey Paper on Eye Detection in a Facial Image under Pose Variation Based on Multi-Scale Iris Shape Feature

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Eyes are the crucial features of a human face, the detection and localization of the eyes are necessary processes in various face and eye related applications. In this paper, it proposes an eye detection method that can locate the eyes in facial image captured at various head poses. Currently used algorithms like Viola and Jones Algorithm, Adaboost classifier, Rapid eye detector (RED) etc. can be use full for the detection of the eye through different poses. The proposed system consists of two stages: eye candidate detection and eye candidate verification for confirming that the size of the iris in face images varies at the different head poses, and the proposed multi-scale iris shape feature method can detect the eyes in such cases. Since it utilizes the integral image, its computational cost is low. It also confirms to reveal the true emotion of a candidate when they try to conceal. Wide range of application in many fields such as physiological diagnosis, investigation, security, blind navigation etc.

Keywords: Face detection, Eye detection, Emotion detection


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