A Secure Shared Access in Cloud Computing Using Identity Group Key Based Encryption

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Cloud storage is an application of clouds that free from confinement of organizations from establishing in-house data storage systems. However, cloud storage gives apply to security reasons. In case of group-shared data, the data deals with both cloud-specific and conventional insider threats. Secure data sharing among a group that counters insider threats of conforming the rules yet malicious users is an important research issue. In this paper, we propose the Secure Data Sharing in Clouds methodology that provides: 1) Data being secret and the quality of being honest; 2) access control; 3) data sharing without using compute-intensive re-encryption; and 4) insider threat security. The Secure Data Sharing in Clouds methodology encrypts a file with a single encryption key. Two different key shares for each of the users are generated, with the user only getting one share. The possession of a single share of a key allows the Secure Data Sharing in Clouds methodology to counter the insider threats. The other key share is stored by a trusted third party, which is called the cryptographic server. The Secure Data Sharing in Clouds methodology is applicable to conventional and mobile cloud computing environments.

Keywords: Access Control, Cloud Computing, Cryptographic Server, encryption key, Group Shared Data, Re-encryption, Threat Security.


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