An Implementation of Tree Match Algorithm for Effective Xml Tree Pattern Matching

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XML (Extensible Markup Language) has become a popular standard for storing and sharing data across various platforms. The emergence of XML promised significant advances in B2B (Business-to-Business) integration. Due to its popularity there is an increasing demand for the efficient query processing on XML File. For performing query processing operations on XML file an input XML Dataset is required. Such an XML files are viewed as an XML Tree using XML DOM Parser. The core operation of our project is to perform Pattern Matching in XML Tree. The Existing XML Tree Pattern Matching Techniques uses XQuery, XPath and TwigStack Algorithm. But XQuery and XPath are complicated to understand by non-database users. In the proposed system Keyword Search Technique and TreeMatch algorithm is used to perform exact pattern matching for text, images and audio files. An XML Search engine is created to achieve this. The downloading time of images and audio files are compared with the local search engine. It is shown that XML Search engine takes less downloading time.

Keywords: XML, TreeMatch, TwigStack, XQuery, XPath..


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